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Guilt-free guilty pleasures.

Yeah, we know that sugar tastes great—we love it too. But we believe that everybody should be able to indulge. That’s why we make sugar free, low sugar, low carb, gluten free, vegan, and keto treats right in Appleton, Wisconsin. We’ll make whatever specialty order you can think of, or you can catch us slinging sugarless wonderment at an event near you.

There’s no way that tastes good, right?

Wrong! We’ve all tried keto treats that taste not-quite-good to not-quite-edible. And we’ll be the first to admit that it’s pretty hard to make delectable desserts without the drawbacks. We labor over all our recipes until they are worth every penny/bite/carb/you-name-it!

So what’s in it?

It depends. We try and avoid the use of sugar alcohols. Most of the sweetness in our recipes come from bochasweet and we use a variety of different nut flours, protein powders, dietary fibers. Our ingredients cost more than alternatives, which is an unfortunate reality of healthy baking, but when you take that first bite you won’t believe there isn’t sugar hiding somewhere inside.

Do you do, like, normal stuff too?

Do we ever! We love full-on sugar/flour/butter bakes as much as anybody! Don’t sleep on our savory options, either.